Meditations from the Akashic Records


Twelve meditations from the book

Remember Who You Are: Insights from the Akashic Records

are now available as mp3 recordings.


Meditations Include:


Guided Relaxation Exercise

Making a Decision

Paths of Possibility

Floating in Space

Plants & Animals

Wrestling Judgment 

Releasing Density   


Halls of Records

Past Life Meditation #1

Past Life Meditation #2

Past Life Meditation #3




Mayan Temple Activations


Mayan Temple Activations:

Harmonically aligning with the energy of 2012


The Mayan Temple Activations are available to download as mp3 recordings

and includes the following five activations channeled at each site. 


Lunar ~ Chichen Itza (Mexico)

Solar ~ Chichen Itza (Mexico)

Planetary ~ Palenque (Mexico)

Galactic ~ Tikal (Guatemala)

Personal Power ~Tikal (Guatemala)



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