Living in Love 

Love is the energy that fuels creation. Love is the form that the energy that your interest in something or someone and your desire to know more takes. When you respond to your desire to engage more fully with what and who you are interested in, you are living in love.
As an example, when you love another person, you are drawn to them, you are interested in them, you want to merge with them, connect with them and be with them. When you are interested in a new idea, it is the curiosity to know more about what might be possible that draws you to it. That is living in love.
It is a universal law that when something becomes interesting to you, you already have all the resources and support available to you to be able to manifest it in your life immediately. Basically the bottom line is that you don’t need anything other than what you have right now to do what it is you want to do. All that is required is a shift in your perspective and a willingness to recognize and utilize the available resources.
You have everything that you need right now.
The reality is that in this moment, right now, right here, each of you has everything that you need accessible to you to live a fulfilling and rewarding life. There is nothing lacking. Just feel that for a moment. What if that is true? It is okay if you don’t believe us, but what if you act as if it is true for the next six days? Try it. If after six days, it turns out that you really are lacking something, you can always return to living your life as you are now. But what if it is true? Isn’t it worth considering?
When you choose to live in love and continually make choices and take actions that move you toward who and what you want more of in your life, you inevitably move away from where you don’t want to be. The first step is to decide where you want to be, what you want to do, who you want to be in relationship with and then you also have to take the very important next step of creating opportunities for yourself to experience movement in those directions.
Life does not happen to us, good or bad. If we hope that everything turns out okay without taking any action and it does turn out okay that can be as disempowering as when we fear that everything will not be okay and it isn’t. In either case it would appear that someone or something out there is creating our reality for us. The good news is that what happens in our lives is entirely up to us.
As we move more fully into fifth dimensional creation, gone are the days of simply setting our intention and allowing the details of our lives to fall into place. From a fifth dimensional perspective we exist in a perpetual state of pure potentiality and when we do not follow our intentions with action we feel frustrated, overwhelmed and disempowered.
Up until now we have had to be very expansive and be able to focus on the larger vision for humanity so that we as individuals could get to where we are now and become conscious of our creative potential. 
We need to focus on the details of conscious creation.
Now that we are aware of our creative potential, we have to do the exact opposite and focus on the very small details of how we consciously construct reality. We have been trying to transcend our humanness so that we did not get stuck in it, and we have succeeded! Now, as Divine Humans we need to focus on the details of what conscious creation looks like in our lives on a day-to-day basis.
Up until about two years ago the paths for many of us were very clear and anytime we wandered off of our path, the universe knocked us right back on. It was obvious by what was mirrored back to us through situations and relationships what was right and what was wrong for us to reach our destination as Divine Humans. This was the goal all along, but we have become so focused on the journey that we do not recognize that we have successfully transformed into an entirely new form of human and now our goal is to consciously create from this new perspective.
What you are experiencing can be compared to following a path through the woods that abruptly ends and you are surprised to find yourself in a clearing. Even though reaching the clearing was the reason that you were on the path in the first place, you have been on the path for so long that you lost sight of the purpose of the path and began to perceive the path itself as the objective.
Once you move into the clearing, instead of a clear path indicating the right way to go, you are presented with a multitude of options. For example, you could go sit on a rock; you could do cartwheels, you could lie down and take a nap; you can even find another path through another part of the woods. But instead of delighting in all of your new options, you are resisting taking full responsibility for your creations.
What is your personal vision?
The point is that you have many more options available to you at this time than you have had in recent years and you have become so adept at operating within polarity and limitation that you have forgotten how good you are at creation. It as if your sunglasses have been removed and you are blinded by the light that has always been there in the form of the multitudes of possibilities that you are only now becoming aware of. You are no longer going to get clear indications of what is right or wrong or what you should and shouldn’t do and that is going to make you crazy if you are looking for obvious indicators of what to do from your interactions with other people.
Instead of asking what am I supposed to do, the question becomes what do I want to do? In order to authentically answer this question, you have to be really clear on who you want to be and what aspects of yourself that you want to express in your life right now. What is interesting to you and what changes can you make in your life to engage more fully with what is interesting to you? What is your personal vision and what kinds of support and resources do you require to manifest your vision?
There is ample money and support for you to manifest any vision that you have, but if you want to have access to that money and support you have to be clear on what your vision is and be able to communicate it. There has never been a more advantageous time to hone and clarify what your personal vision is as we are now able to merge with the crystalline grid in a very tangible way.
The influx of crystalline energy activates our inherent DNA encoding and unleashes our potential to create heaven on earth. A useful way to visualize crystalline energy is with the analogy of a black hole in the form of an hourglass. The energy at the very center of a black hole where the hourglass is most narrow, is unformed, chaotic and pure potential and as the energy expands out it moves into manifested form. So the further that you are from the center the more concrete things are.
As we are moving forward in linear time, we are moving into and through the energy of pure potential as we literally shift from a third dimensional perspective of reality based on limitation and polarity into a fifth dimensional perception of reality where we are becoming increasingly aware of our multidimensional potential. The key to successfully navigating within unlimited potential possibilities consciously is to focus on the details as opposed to the big picture.
We are preparing to go through the eye of the hourglass.
In other words, focus on what and who is right in front of us instead of concerning yourself so much with the future or the past. Literally be in the present moment. As we move into higher dimensions beyond 3D we are going to expand out again and our focus will expand outward as we take on new and different forms of how we express ourselves as Divine Humans.
We are preparing to go through the eye of the hourglass. It is vital that we become crystal clear on who we are, why we are here, and what our motivations are so that we can navigate as gracefully as possible through the shift that is coming. The goal here is to experience conscious ascension which means that that you are going to make this transition while remaining in physical form.
As we are evolving into our Divine Human form it is essential that we are mindful of supporting and nurturing our physical bodies. It is important that we eat well and often, this is not the time to go on a diet. We need to drink plenty of high quality water throughout the day and make getting enough sleep a priority. For many of us, we are going to require a minimum of nine hours of sleep each night. You can do this the hard way or you can do this the easy way. It is up to you.