Having Hope
Hope is the dream of a soul awake.
French Proverb
We are here to tell you that the most difficult of your challenges are now behind you. This is not to say that you are out of the proverbial woods just yet as you are still required to address and resolve the fallout from the collapsing of those relationships and circumstances in your life that no longer serve you. As the dust settles and your emotions begin to stabilize or at least no longer fluctuate in such extremes, you can finally acknowledge that the way things were wasn’t working for you and that you are now in a much better position to create the life that you truly desire.
Rest assured that there are no more surprises coming. You were only surprised in the first place because of your refusal to see circumstances as they actually were and your insistence that they could be forced into what you wanted them to be. Your resistance to what was revealed to you was in direct opposition the very changes that you asked for. Through the recent events in your life you have worn down your own resistance and you are now able to accurately see the lay of the land.
Each of you asked for peace, balance and alignment and the universe provided you with the opportunities to create those very qualities in all aspects of your lives. Initially when the areas in your life that weren’t in alignment with those qualities were called to your attention, you hung onto that which no longer served you for dear life and fought for the very limitations that were preventing you from achieving exactly what you most wanted, authentic connection to yourself, to others and to the world around you.
Each aspect of your life is connected to every other aspect
Granted everything seemed to fall apart all at once, but that is simply because each aspect of your life is connected to every other aspect and if you are going to call into question the fundamental beliefs that your reality is built on there had to be a domino effect as it all came tumbling down. It can be compared to the economic collapse that affected all aspects of the economy including governments, banks, businesses and individuals.
Just as with the over-inflated economy, you were personally over-extended in virtually every aspect of your life, emotionally, physically and mentally. Your schedules were too full and your bank accounts too low for what you were trying to do. Yet you just kept forcing yourself to do the same things in the exact ways that didn’t work. Lo and behold! You ran out of money, your health issues accelerated to the point that you could no longer ignore them, your relationships ended, you experienced financial crises and you were forced to move or change jobs.  When everything seemed to fall apart it was because the manner in which you were doing them was inherently unsustainable.
Your experiences over the past two to three years were necessary for you to clearly see what wasn’t working and revealed for you precisely what you need to know to have absolutely everything that you want, without exception. The resistance and the change that you have been experiencing is the means to an end and is part of the process, not the end result. The outcome is still yet to be determined by your next actions which can now be influenced by you have learned about yourself, your relationships and the world around you.
You now recognize what and who can no longer be part of your life
Your recent experiences were opportunities to show you where your beliefs were not in alignment with who you truly are. You now recognize what and who can no longer be part of your life as you move forward. You now know who is there to support you and who isn’t. While you may not yet be certain what and who will be part of the next phase, you have been given glimpses of what is to come but what that looks will be realized only through clear intention and action from you. So the question becomes what actions do you need to take that are fully in alignment with the beliefs that you truly have faith in and hope for?
Your most fiercely held beliefs have been called into question and in many cases you no longer believe in who and what you do before, but now you are wondering where to place your faith and hope and what and who to believe in. The answer of course is that you believe in yourself. You have faith in yourself. You have hope in yourself. And your actions create the reality that you live in because what you do as an extension of who you are is how you manifest your beliefs.
The challenges and disappointments that you have experienced have been to show you what you truly believe and to bring to your awareness that you do indeed create your own reality through the actions that you take or do not take that manifest your deepest fears and greatest hopes. When you are not conscious of the beliefs that you are manifesting, you don’t know what or who do you have faith in. Without faith you do not know what to hope for. Without hope you cannot determine what action to take.
What you believe in requires faith, hope and action
Do you see the loop? This is the manner in which your beliefs create your reality. Simply put, what you believe in requires faith, hope and action to be manifested as part of your reality. When you understand the connection it is easy to see that you do indeed have the power to create the world that you live in. Because what occurs in your life is based on your beliefs, when what you believe is primarily unconscious it appears as if your reality is being created for you.

Faith is the confident belief in a person or concept. The word faith is often interchanged with the words trust or belief. The word faith in Buddhism derives from the Pali word saddhā, which refers to a sense of conviction and determination to accomplish one's goals and deriving a sense of joy from doing so.

Hope is defined as anticipating something good to come in the future and to look forward to what will happen with confidence and expectation. Hope is belief in a positive outcome related to events and circumstances in one's life. Hope is the feeling that what is wanted can be had or that events will turn out for the best.

You have now emerged on the other side
For many of you recent events have caused you to experience a crisis of faith. You were forced to reconsider and re-evaluate what you believed in the context of both what was possible and what appeared to be impossible. You have now emerged on the other side of your journey into your greatest fears being realized and come out the other side with your faith shaken. You are now afraid to hope because you might not be able to bear the disappointment of placing your faith in the wrong person or situation.
Faith cannot be maintained without hope. In the past you have limited the degree of hope that you allowed yourself to experience as a direct correlation to your beliefs. As your belief systems were severely limited so consequently was your hope and without hope your sense of reality becomes increasingly meaninglessness and eventually evolves into depression. Now that you have lived through the manifestation of your most limiting beliefs you are able to vastly expand what you can believe to be possible.
When you have faith in your ability to live what you believe in and through the power of hope take action to manifest your beliefs, then what your hope for the world that you want to live in becomes available for others to see and creates new templates of reality that were not have previously considered possible. This is how you create the kind of world that you want to believe is possible, one manifested belief at a time. When you manifest your beliefs through faith, hope and action, you demonstrate through your actions and your choices to others what it looks like to consciously create reality.
The only perspective that matters is your own
You must come to realize that the only perspective that matters is your own because everyone around you is creating their own version of reality. There is no definitive right or wrong way to see things inherent in any situation. All perspectives are valid and each person must find his or her own path. If you were relying on someone else to lead the way, it is most likely that you feel as if they let you down or mislead you. They didn’t. They just have a different journey than you do. Let them move in the direction that serves them even if it appears to carry them away from you and shift your focus back to your journey and choose your next steps.
Fear and hope are the energies that fuel the manifestation of your beliefs and by extension your reality. When you send your intentions out into the universe your requests are always received and granted in the ways most suitable to your highest divine expression in human form in alignment with what you have asked for.
Keep in mind that asking for something (hope) and being afraid of the opposite of what you ask for (fear) are equal factors in the manifestation of your experiences. This means that if you are more afraid of not getting what you want than you believe in the possibility of getting what you want, the power of fear will determine your outcome. It is not possible to be fearful and hopeful at the same time and if you do not consciously choose hope, you will by default be choosing fear.
Draw on your moments of hope
Draw on your moments of hope to begin to consider the possibility that everything is going to be okay, because it already is. It is through the actions that you take now that you begin to know this to be true. It is truly a time that is darkest before the dawn. The new consciousness within Humanity is emerging like a phoenix rising out of the ashes through each of you as you meet the challenges that you have created in your lives to know yourselves as the Divine Humans that you are.
It is now time to honestly and authentically survey the damage and begin the rebuilding process by moving forward one step at a time. The key to being able to do this is to assess what you have learned about yourself, what you are capable of as well as where you are and are not willing to compromise. Ask yourself what does your life look like if you allow yourself to live in accordance with your beliefs? Who do you need/have for support? What do you need to be/are already doing in alignment with who you are?
You are remembering who you are and once you get over the shock that how you were living was not the definition of who you are then your life can become a reflection of who you want to be. And guess what? That is who you have been all along! This is what we mean when we say the hard part is over. It takes significantly more energy to be who you aren’t than to be who you are. You can now take advantage of all the time, energy and resources that you have freed up mentally and emotionally by no longer trying to convince yourself that everything was okay when it very clearly wasn’t.  
Just as the travelers in Europe who were affected by the ash cloud from the Icelandic volcano had to either make alternative plans for travel or simply wait it out and do the best that they could in circumstances beyond their control. You know now that there are circumstances beyond your control that can disrupt the flow of your life and that you cannot affect the situation itself, only choose how you will respond. The fact of the matter is that this has always been the case, it was only your belief that you were in control that has been called into question.
It is not your ability to affect others or control circumstances that allows you to feel hope, it is your faith in yourself and an infallible belief in your ability to navigate through any situation that arises that can truly empower the actions that you take to create the life that you most desire to live.