Moving Into the

Final Stages of Ascension




On January 15th, 2010 we will experience the energy of a New Moon Solar Eclipse which is the other end of an amazing window in time or more accurately out of time that began with the Blue Moon Lunar Eclipse on December 31, 2009. The depth of our experience of this energy was made possible when we moved through the 12:12 Galactic Stargate of Ascension on December, 12, 2009 (read 12:12 article) and into the final stages of the Ascension process.


Due to the fact that both Mercury and Mars were retrograde during this particular eclipse cycle, and that the time in between the eclipses occurred during a shift in energy from 2009 which is from a numerological perspective energetically an eleven year to 2010 which is energetically a three year, it changed everything. Eleven is the energy of mastery and three is the energy of manifestation. You are now manifesting as Masters!


What has worked for you in the past is no longer serving you

At this point there should be no doubt about what is not working in your life, particularly in terms of Communication (read Cosmic Communication article) and Power (read Message from Mars article). While the solutions to what is no longer working may not be immediately obvious, you must acknowledge that what has worked for you in the past is no longer serving you in the present.


There will be an immense wave of energy that will begin to permeate the planet beginning on January 16th following the Solar Eclipse and Mercury going direct again that will exponentially amplify through March 10th when Mars goes direct and then ultimately culminate with an additional influx of energy from the equinox on March 20th.


As a consequence of this sustained and incrementally amplified energy, you will at long last have access to the resources that you require to truly create your version of heaven on earth. The resources that we refer to are encoded within your cellular DNA and will be activated with this insurgence of energy. You are waking up at last Dear Ones and this is the time that you have been waiting for.


The days of denying your power must come to an end

It is essential at this time that you consciously choose to live your life in alignment with your Divine Blueprint. You must be absolutely clear on who you are and why you are here and set an appropriate course of action to bring your life and your beliefs into alignment. The days of denying your power must come to an end. In order to complete the Ascension process, you are required to claim your role of Mastery by setting a course of action that will enable you to experience yourself as the Divine Human that you are.


If you do not yet know what that course of action is, it is crucial that you figure it out by March 10th as this will directly affect the future that you experience. The energy amplification during the time period between March 10th and March 20th will exponentially energize any goals that you are actively pursuing and allow for an unprecedented quantum leap in the direction of manifesting your vision in a very real way. 


The time for learning and gathering information is over. You must take all of the knowledge that you have acquired and actualize what you now know. It is now time to determine your future and what that future looks like is truly up to you. You no longer have the luxury to procrastinate and to rationalize the life that you are living with the idea that at some undetermined point in the future you will make the needed changes. That time must be now.


Your interpretation has been limited

If you do know what your course of action is, use the information gained during the Mercury retrograde cycle and that will continue to be offered throughout the rest of the Mars retrograde period to make any necessary course corrections.


Do not become attached to the form that you initially imagined that your vision would take. Recognize that the vision is authentic, but your interpretation of it has been limited by the energy available on the planet until now which was not enough to fully manifest what you are truly capable of achieving.


You are entering into uncharted territory of what is possible to experience while in Human form and there is great celebration on your behalf. It is now up to you to make the most of this extraordinary opportunity that you have created for yourself.