Divine Timing
We wish to speak to you about the concept of Divine Timing. Although time itself is an illusion, or more specifically a necessary component of the 3D illusionary perception of reality, it is extremely useful. It is important to keep in mind that Divine timing is not better than Human linear time or Galactic cycles of time. Each perspective is valuable within a specific dimensional context.
This topic is especially relevant right now as the most recent cycles of Mercury and Mars being retrograde have ended and you can see the effects that these cycles have had on the timelines for implementing your plans in recent months as examples of Divine timing vs. Human time.
You cannot possibly determine the perfect timing for anything from your limited Human perspective. There are an infinite number of factors that affect the timing of any event, not to mention that those factors are in constant flux until the exact moment that the event occurs. Add to that the fact that the very nature of having a vision changes the future and by extension the timing as it affects you personally and all of Humanity collectively.
We can use the lottery game Powerball as an analogy of what Divine timing looks like from an energetic perspective. During a Powerball drawing during which all of the balls are being spun around until the exact moment at which a ball is chosen, the selection of any of the balls remains a possibility. This is a very good example of how each moment is created from infinite potential in your reality.
To continue with the Powerball analogy, once a ball is chosen that particular game ends, but a new game begins and potential winners are already buying tickets. Furthermore, many of the same people buy tickets in consecutive games, some choose the same numbers and some choose differently each time. Other people buy tickets periodically, only once or never at all and the same balls are always used to choose a winner. Each game is simply a different combination of these factors. This is similar to how one moment of manifestation from potentiality leads into the next in your Human experience.
Your current understanding of how you create reality is limited
Your current understanding of reality is based on the belief that your creative potential is limited as determined by a linear time construct. This perspective eliminates most of the creative potential available to you.
In order to conceptualize time as linear, you must reference the past and the future to determine the present. In other words in the Human concept of linear time you construct the present in reference to a past and future point on a continuum. Age is a good example of this. Whatever age you believe yourself to be is in reference to the age you were last year on your birthday and the age that you will be on your next birthday. If you do not have those points of reference you would have no idea how old you were.
Furthermore, the age that you believe yourself to be and the experiences that you have had are in the context of the fixed point in time of your birth date at which point your personal timeline began and the memories of the experiences that you have had since that point both define who you have become up until this point in time as well as determine who you believe you will become in the future.
You imagine that your experience is created by jumping from one fixed point to the next or one linear moment in time to the next. However you fail to take into account all the potential that exists in the spaces in between those perceived fixed moments. If you do not have those fixed points in time to contextually define yourself along a continuum of experience how would you know who you are? This is a question of great importance.
You must be able to recognize harmony in yourself to see it in others
It is not possible to reconnect to your true essence when you are out of sync with the natural cycles. You must be able to recognize the inherent harmony in yourself in order to know it in others and your world. You cannot recognize that which you do not understand. When you are disconnected from yourself and the natural world you will inevitably experience yourself as disconnected from other people. Once you change your concept of time from a fixed linear perspective to a cyclical Galactic perspective you can no longer deny that your world is simply an extension of you.
In fact it is your physical body and the waves of creative energy that emanate from you based on your beliefs that are affected by time cycles that create your perceived reality, not the external fixed points in time by which you mentally organize the order of events. Your mind is meant to understand your experience not determine it. Your creation of, and participation in, the illusion of time is generated by you, not affecting you.
Consider for a moment how your experience might change if you conceptualize each moment in time as a spiral as opposed to a fixed point on a line. When you attune yourself to the natural cycles of Galactic time you are better able to navigate consciously within the reality that you are creating.
It is important to distinguish between setting goals through the power of intention and insisting on timing that you believe is necessary to accomplish those goals. When you set an intention you imagine a timeline based on what is known to you at that moment in time. What you do not realize is that when you set the intention, in that moment an entirely new timeline is created to accommodate what you have set in motion.
The timing of your vision is not a matter to be determined by you
The timing of your vision is not a matter to be determined by you, it is in actuality a consequence of what transpires when you release your vision into the universe for manifestation. The element of time is not a determining factor; it is an aspect of the universal interpretation of the manifestation of your vision.
The energy of the universe does indeed act upon your intentions without reservation and without exception, and when you continually doubt and reconsider and waver within your beliefs and actions the energy of the universe continually manifests those fluctuations for you. When you are internally conflicted you are essentially interfering with and delaying the very changes that you wish to manifest. If your day-to-day interactions are not in alignment with who you are, the universe is unable to energetically align itself in accordance with your vision or more accurately receives conflicting information about how to proceed.
There are certain universal laws that affect the Human experience. For example one such law is that abundance is your birthright. However if you continually question the validity of this law as it pertains to your personal experience, the energy of the universe interprets that as a question to which you are seeking an answer.
Consequently, you will receive numerous opportunities to experience the lack of abundance as well as experiencing abundance because both experiences are useful to answer the question and most fully understand the concept. However, if you believe that abundance is your birthright as self-evident and proceed to live your life with that as a base assumption, you no longer need to manifest situations and circumstances to prove to yourself whether or not it is true.
When you attune yourself to the cycles within and around you and allow who you are to be revealed through your interactions with the world and the people in your life, you will inevitably come to know without a doubt the truth of the universal laws that were designed by you for the most fulfilling enlightened experience while in Human form as possible.
Choosing to operate solely within Human time disconnects you from the natural rhythms in nature and the seasons and by extension to the cycles that create the universe that you live in as well as the body that you inhabit. When you choose to live your life based on an understanding of your inherent harmonic connection to the cycles of your body, Earth and the universe you can no longer doubt your connection to all that is and your ability to directly and significantly create your reality.