Cosmic Communication:

Breaking Through the Barriers


To understand Cosmic Communication you must first be aware of the limitations of third dimensional communication. Third dimensional communication is essentially the transfer of a mental construct from one personís mind to anotherís. Unfortunately much is inevitably lost in the translation as it is virtually impossible to express the complexity of an idea using only words. Consequently, is not a very effective way to communicate.


The fundamental reason for this ineffectiveness is that even though you are participating with each other from a third-dimensional perspective, each of you is in fact also multidimensional. When you communicate within a third dimensional paradigm you rely exclusively on your mind and your five human senses to interact with each other; when in fact, most of the information that is available to you to accurately interpret the world around you exists beyond your mental perceptions.


As an example, for those of you who are not artistic perhaps you envision a beautiful scene in your head but when you attempt to draw it, your efforts yield a depiction that looks more like one something that a kindergartner might sketch. That is equivalent to the communication that you desire to convey from a multidimensional perspective and the limited amount that you are able to express from a third dimensional perspective.


This explains why there are so many communication difficulties in personal relationships as well as between governmental leaders and all levels of interpersonal communication in between. This is also why you feel misunderstood so often and why despite your best attempts to hear someone that you still arenít able to fully comprehend what they are trying to say. It is because there is so much that we desire to convey and we simply donít have to tools do so effectively from a third dimensional perspective.


With all the being said, you are actually doing quite well. The fact that you continue to have relationships; the fact that governments are at all effective; the fact that so much effective communication does occur within the third dimension means that there is something else going on and this is where Cosmic Communication comes in.


Many of you have already been consciously working with aspects of Cosmic Communication for some time now as you realized that the limitations of third dimensional communication and began searching for more expansive and effective communication tools. For example, you are finding that using heart centered communication is far more effective than purely mental interactions and that trusting your physical reactions to a person or situation can be useful in more accurately interpreting a situation.


You are also learning that communication with other humans can be enhanced by trusting your guidance, connecting to your inner child, listening to your angels or whatever sort of Divine or non-physical connection you incorporate into your perspective of reality which facilitates you to more fully be able to express yourself and to engage with others.



We will now give you eight tools to help you master Cosmic Communication:



  1. Stop trying to reconcile what you know and what you think. Your emotional response to the inability to reconcile these two perspectives results in stress, panic, and feeling overwhelmed because you are trying to make sense of things that no longer make sense. It can be compared to having only five pieces of a 1,000 piece puzzle and you are frustrated because you are unable to put the puzzle together.



  1. Release your attachment to emotional drama. Participating and perpetuating drama in your life takes a tremendous amount of physical, mental and emotional energy and leaves little or no room for a conscious connection to your Divine guidance. You may also need to release an unconscious belief that if you figure out how to effectively communicate that you will become bored.



  1. Recognize your inherent contradiction in desiring authentic, heart centered communication yet being unwilling to reveal your Divine Humanness or seek it out in others. Consider the possibility that you may have to divest the energy that you continue to pour into relationships with those who do not desire the same connection that you are seeking and invest in new, more affinity like mind aligned relationships.



  1. Engage in communication with others from the present moment. Do not rely on past experiences or future consequences to determine your course of action in the current moment. When you do this you override your initial Ďgutí instinct with a mental interpretation of could or should occur. This can cause you to override your first, more accurate instinct about how to proceed. In this moment what are you aware of and what do you want to convey? What do you want to communicate right now?



  1. Be clear on what you want to say. You have become used to feeling misunderstood and unable to express yourself effectively and no longer make as much effort to get your point across without becoming angry and frustrated. Once you are clear on what you want to convey, you must determine the best contextual way to express your ideas. This allows you to focus more on communicating about what is happening and less on changing the other person or the situation.



  1. Have realistic expectations of yourself and others at all times. Consider the possibility that you may be asking for a response that is not available to you from a particular person in a given situation or by the same token that you are unable to give them what they are asking of you. Resist the tendency to push for resolution or make agreements that you are unable to follow through with. Look for new options.



  1. Know who you are. When you interact with others from a place of congruency with who you are, you are less inclined to want to control the outcome and more likely to understand what the other person is trying to convey. Resolve any internal conflict about your goal or purpose when you are interacting with others that makes it difficult to know what you want to say and prevents you from moving forward. If you are not clear about your motivation it becomes difficult to have effective communication. You have to know who you are to authentically make a decision or take action. It is unrealistic to expect someone else to know what you want if you donít even know yourself.



  1. Refine your internal communication and your external communication with others will be far more effective. When you are able to stay focused on what reflects who you truly are internally it becomes easier to choose what to focus on externally and that allows you to effectively express what you want to convey to others about yourself. Regardless of who you are communicating with there is always a tremendous amount of information available to you and it is what you choose to focus on that determines how you choose to respond.


When you incorporate your third dimensional human tools of expression with your Cosmic Connection to your Divine Humanness you redirect a significant amount of time and energy toward establishing and refining that connection so that more of your Divinity can come into your human interactions. It is a top-down approach to use business terminology.


It is a common misconception that who you are in physical human form is somehow less valuable than who you are from a more Divine perspective. That is simply not true. You require both your Humanity and your Divinity to fully express who you are in a third dimensional reality and by extension how you communicate with others. Essentially Cosmic Communication is about integrating your Divinity into your Humanity which allows you to fully express your true multidimensionality.