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In this time of accelerated manifestation, why are so many people still struggling to manifest abundance?


At this time there is an unprecedented amount of energy pouring into the planet which is what you are seeing with the increase in sun spot activity that is being observed by the scientists. The energy itself is neutral. You are the creators and you determine what is manifested from that energy. Whatever is manifesting in your life and whatever you are creating is what you desire most or that which you most fear; and fear trumps desire every time.


In this session we are going to talk most about the absolute part of absolute abundance. You all understand what abundance is, that is not where you are getting stuck. You have a problem with absolute. Each of you has experienced personal abundance. You have touched abundance. You can conceive of abundance. The absolute part is what trips you up.


Think about some synonyms for absolute: without exception; completely; total; unlimited; infinite; unconditional Ö Regardless of which of these words you interchange for absolute in regard to abundance, the common denominator is that abundance is enduring. The first thing that you need to understand about absolute abundance is the fact that if it is even an option for you to experience anything other than absolute abundance then you will get to have that experience.


Lack of abundance is not a penalty

The next thing that you need to be clear about is that experiencing a lack of abundance is not a penalty. If you donít have enough money to live the life that you want to live or you are experiencing a lack of abundance in any area of your life, it is not that you have done something wrong and now you have to pay a karmic penalty. Experiencing a lack of abundance it is not the consequence of a karmic cycle that you have set in motion. You didnít do something wrong and you are not being penalized by experiencing scarcity.


The human experience does not operate on a penalty/reward basis. You need to understand that your experience here on Earth is not dictated by anyone other than you. It is not that you must live by certain rules and if you donít play by those rules something or someone out there in the universe penalizes you. That is an incorrect perspective on how the universe operates. What you experience here on Earth while in human form is created by your beliefs and fears. It is that simple.


That being said, there are consequences for your actions and every action has a reaction. Those are fundamental, universal laws, but very different than getting in trouble for doing something wrong. Many of you are currently operating from an underlying, unconscious belief that if you were really as spiritual as you desire to be, then you would automatically have abundance, and the fact that you donít have abundance calls into question your level of commitment to your spirituality.


That is not the way it works. You are making an inaccurate assumption when you equate those two aspects of your experience. The fact of the matter is that there is no reason that you cannot experience absolute abundance without exception, including having plenty of money. You do not have to choose between being spiritual and having money. We are saying that being spiritual is being spiritual and having money is having money. You can experience both or neither or any combination thereof. Abundance includes money, but money does not define abundance.


Money is not this big mystifying concept

The energetic exchange of energy in the form of money is not rocket science. It is not magic. Money is not this big mystifying concept. The use of money itself is pretty straight forward. Money comes in and money goes out. The money that you have in your account or in your life is in direct relation to the degree of conscious effort you are willing to invest in generating income as well as how much actual time and energy you put into it and how much money you spend.


The concept of currency exchange for goods and services is not in any way ambiguous. In fact, it is very specific and concrete. What confuses you is the judgment, fear and guilt that you have created around the issue of money, specifically in terms of your beliefs about your worthiness and entitlement to having money. For example, if you are not charging your clients for what your time is worth then you will not have enough money to continue to offer your services and will be required to spend your time and energy generating money in other ways. There is not a divine force anywhere in the universe that is determining whether or not you have money. It is completely up to you.


We understand that you need money to live and that money is a fundamental exchange of energy within the human experience and we are not minimizing the importance of it in your perception of reality, we are just going to help you clear up some misconceptions on where the equation is out of balance for you. This is essential for you to fully experience absolute abundance. Stop making it about anything other than the fact that money is simply one particular expression of energy and begin to take responsibility for how you generate and manage your money.


Basically the concept of absolute abundance is not difficult, it just goes against some core beliefs that you are currently operating from that appear to be very real for you and your continued refusal to seek more empowering perspectives is creating fear for you. When you experience fear it simply indicates where in your life you donít believe that you are capable of handling, addressing or working through a particular issue. Once you address and resolve whatever is the issue is that is triggering the fear for you, you are then able to make healthy, empowering choices and decisions in that area of your life.


As an example, sometimes young children get the idea that there is something scary under the bed or in the closet of their bedrooms and no amount of logic will convince them otherwise. In order for them to no longer be afraid, they have to be willing to face their fear by looking under the bed or opening the closet door and seeing with their own eyes what is really there.


The only thing we have to fear is fear itself

The experience of fear is simply an indication that you need additional information. You have to address and recognize your fears and it is easy to know what it is that you fear because the challenges you are creating in your life is what you are most afraid of. When you do not take responsibility for the choices that you are making that are generating the fear and choose to remain in denial, you begin to create judgment around the fear itself and completely lose sight of what is actually generating the fear in the first place.


To quote Franklin D. Roosevelt ďthe only thing we have to fear is fear itself - nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror which paralyzes needed efforts to convert retreat into advance.Ē Your reason for being here in human form to express yourself as fully in this lifetime as you can and anything that you fear is just merely a place where you are not able to fully express a particular aspect of yourself and as a result unable to make the advancements that you desire to make in your life.


When you recognize that you are operating from fear based choices, it is essential that learn how to make different choices. Fear is an indicator of where you still feel disempowered. In order to re-claim your power you may need to seek assistance from people who can help you, for example therapists, body workers, naturopaths, or whoever you know that can facilitate your ability to address the fears that are interfering with you creating the life that you want to live.


For you to be absolutely abundant all of the time, you canít be spending your time and energy on fear. If you are chooses to utilize the abundant energy that is currently pouring into the planet to generate drama and scarcity then you will have an abundant amount of that in your life. It is simply energy and it up to you to choose what you are focusing that energy on. The good news is that once you recognize your limiting beliefs, you can choose to change them. That is all that has to happen to create absolute abundance.


You have to take the next step

From our perspective it is about time that you figured this out because you have got other things to do and you continue to be distracted by many things that frankly arenít worth your effort at this point. You have already been there and done that. You have figured this stuff out and now you have to take the next step.


Many of you are in jobs that donít suit you anymore while there are paths of service that you need to be on and you should be on. You could be making a significant contribution to the unprecedented changes that are happening for humanity on earth at this time, but instead you continue to create and re-create the same personal dramas over and over again. You are so consumed with your own limitations that you are missing the most exciting evolutionary changes ever to occur in human history.


If you are ready to experience the absolute abundance in your life that is your birthright and essential to you being fully of service, ask yourself the following questions and if you are willing to answer them honestly and take the action required by your answer, it will change everything for you:


ďIf it is true that  I can experience absolute abundance but I donít seem to have enough money in my bank account; I donít seem to have the love in my life that I truly desire, and I do not get to spend my time doing the work that that I love with people that support who I am, then what do I need to do differently?Ē



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