Galactic Stargate of Ascension





On December 12, 2009 Humanity will experience the unprecedented event of moving through the 12:12 Galactic Stargate and into the final stages of Ascension and from that point forward those who have made the choice to Ascend will begin to experience reality from a primarily fifth dimensional perspective.


The energy of the Harmonic Convergence in August 1987 ushered in the potential for those wishing to Ascend to be able to make the quantum leap in consciousness required to move beyond the third dimensional perspective of polarity and into the multidimensional perspective of the fifth dimension.


The energy of the Harmonic Concordance in November 2003 created a crash course of opportunities over the course of the past six years on the individual level to experience the paradox of being able to perceive reality from both third and fifth dimensional perspectives simultaneously.


The energy of the Cosmic Convergence in July 2010 will offer those who have chosen Ascension all that they require to move fully into service and to assist in the Ascension of others and those Beings will fully disconnect from the third dimensional perspective and exist exclusively in the fifth dimension and beyond.


For those of you who are choosing to consciously Ascend in this lifetime, the future that you have been preparing for has arrived and you are about to enter into the final stages of the Ascension process. It is imperative that you Remember Who You Are and begin living from that place of knowing without exception.


As you move into the year of 2010 and begin to experience the energies of Transcendence you must be able to remain solely focused on your journey and not be distracted by anyone else's experience or you will inevitably be thrown off course. In order to make this final leap into Ascension, you must remain steadfast in your commitment to your personal evolution and all choices must be in alignment with your Divine Blueprint.